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For Illustration and/or Writing: For grades 2 and up:

My PowerPoint presentation covers the step-by-step process of how my stories are conceived and how begin the illustration process from thumbnail sketches, research, larger sketches and drawings, use of materials, etc... I also like to tell personal stories about myself as a child and the difficulties of following a dream as well as the importance of believing in yourself. An overview of the writing process is covered, including the importance of rewriting, and explaining what the editor and art director each do. This presentation is 45 to 60 minutes, and can be more workshop based for smaller groups.

I have also taught Art in High School (as well as at colleges and in Master Programs) and can gear a lecture and/or workshop in either illustration or writing to older age groups about the process of narrative picture making and creating engaging stories. I have taught drawing and illustrating, painting, calligraphy and sculpture to all age groups.

Fees and number of presentations are negotiable but range from 2-4 presentations and $600. - $1,000. for the day and may be split between schools. Skype visits are $100. each. Library visits are $400.

For areas requiring air travel, there is a two-day minimum visit. The contact host will coordinate scheduling and make hotel reservations. Author will arrange air travel, which will be reimbursed along with meals and hotel. For schools within driving distance, there is a mileage fee 50¢ per mile.




Book sales are extremely important to visiting authors, as it helps to keep our books in print. Books can be ordered through a local bookstore, a distributor, or directly from the publisher at a discount. Ordering Books through Little, Brown may require a six week lead time. Contact:

Some titles may be out of stock or out of print, but can be ordered from the author. Email Lauren Mills for a list of available titles and prices.



The more the students are familiar with my books, the more they'll appreciate and benefit from my visit. Have books available for the librarian or teachers to be read to the students at least 6 weeks in advance.

Upon my arrival:
I can sign books between sessions or after school. Have a slip of paper or a post-it note on the first page of EVERY book with the name of the person to whom it should be inscribed. I use a Mac Keynote program with a VGA adapter to connect my laptop to your projector. Please have another computer available with Powerpoint software as a backup. If not using a ceiling projector, I'll need an AV cart or table for the projector and my laptop, as well as a screen and a 2-plug extension cord. A microphone may be necessary, even for small groups. A clip-on is preferred.

Have the room set up with a screen and a cart or table for my laptop and projector. Shades should be drawn. The room needs to be able to be darkened for the images to appear and the students to be happy. Please provide water.



Please contact me at for a school or library visit with your desired dates.



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Lauren A. Mills has won national acclaim as a book author and illustrator and as a sculptor and painter. She was greatly influenced by the 19th century artists, especially the Pre-Raphaelites for their focus of the natural world as well as their sense of mythical wonder. The fourth of five children, Mills grew up playing and pretending in the woods of Connecticut and spent her summers at her grandparents' in West Virginia.

In her teens she moved to Oregon and Minnesota and later lived in Colorado, California and Massachusetts where she resides now. She and her husband, author/illustrator Dennis Nolan collaborated on several projects, most notable, their more


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