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Anne of Green Gables

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Anne of Green Gables
by LM Montgomery
illustrated by Lauren Mills
publisher, David R. Godine, 1989
ISBN: 0-87923-783-X
320 pages. Illustrated with watercolor paintings and pencil illustrations through out. Out of print.



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About Lauren Mills


Lauren A. Mills has won national acclaim as a book author and illustrator and as a sculptor and painter. She was greatly influenced by the 19th century artists, especially the Pre-Raphaelites for their focus of the natural world as well as their sense of mythical wonder. The fourth of five children, Mills grew up playing and pretending in the woods of Connecticut and spent her summers at her grandparents' in West Virginia.

In her teens she moved to Oregon and Minnesota and later lived in Colorado, California and Massachusetts where she resides now. She and her husband, author/illustrator Dennis Nolan collaborated on several projects, most notable, their more


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